Coordination Meeting on
Advanced Aspects in Nuclear Structure and Reactions at
Different Energy Scales

25-28 April 2017
Park Hotel "Sevastokrator", Arbanasi, Bulgaria

List of Registered Participants

  • Antonov, Anton (INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria) Temperature dependence of the symmetry energy and neutron skins in Ni, Sn and Pb isotopic chains
  • Dimitrova, Sevdalina (INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria) Proton-Induced α-Particle Emission at 72 MeV incident energy on 90Zr
  • Gaidarov, Mitko (INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria) Elastic Scattering and Breakup Reactions of 8B Proton-Halo Projectile on Nuclear Targets at Energies 20 < E < 170 MeV
  • Gaitanos, Theodoros (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece) Exotic multi-strangeness hypernuclei and the YN-interaction
  • Giusti, Carlotta (University Pavia, Italy) Phenomenological and Theoretical Optical Potentials
  • Ivanov, Martin (INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria) Probing for High Momentum Protons in 4He via the 4He(e,e'p)3H Reaction
  • Moustakidis, Charalampos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece) Speed of sound bounds, tidal polarizability and gravitational waves from neutron stars
  • Mutafchieva, Yuliya (INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria) The Crust of Highly Magnetised Neutron Stars-Composition, Equation of State and Structure
  • Stoyanov, Zhivko (INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria) Neutron-drip transition in the crust of magnetars
  • Suraud, Eric (University Toulouse, France) Similarities and differences between nuclei and metal clusters
  • Viñas, Xavier (University of Barcelona, Spain) Crust-core transitions in neutron stars revisited
  • Voutier, Eric (IPN, Orsay, France) The PRAE Multidisciplinary Facility at Orsay