History for 1993

Twelfth International Workshop on Nuclear Theory

Rila Mountains, Bulgaria
June 14-19, 1993

From June 14-19, 1993, the 12-th Workshop on nuclear theory was held at the Scientific House of the Sofia University ''St. Kliment Ohridsky'' in the Rila Mountains for about 35 participants.

The Workshop was organized by the Nuclear Theory Group in the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria). The sponsor of the Workshop was the Bulgarian National Science Foundation under contracts Phi - 32 and Phi - 10

The main topics of the nuclear theory treated in the lectures were nucleon emission by electromagnetic probes (Prof. S.Boffi), short-range nucleon correlation effects in nuclei (Prof. M.Traini, Prof. A.N.Antonov, Dr. S.Dimitrova, Dr. V.P.Garistov), Feshbach-Kerman-Koonin theory of multistep reactions (Dr. P.E.Hodgson and Dr. M.Chadwick), pre-equilibrium and statistical emission of alpha-particles (Dr. M.Avrigeanu), meson and barion properties in effective chiral models (Dr. Chr.V.Christov and E.Nikolov), P-matrix description of the two-particle interaction and three-nucleon problem (Dr. N.M.Petrov), applications of quantum groups in nuclear and molecular physics (Dr. D.Bonatsos, Dr. K.Daskaloyannis, N.Minkov and Ts.Dankova), density functional theory for many-electron systems (Dr. Ya.Delchev), nuclear theory applied to medical treatment (Dr. M.Chadwick).

Two lectures were devoted to problems of the experimental nuclear physics: ''Study of the reaction mechanisms employing charged particle-gamma-ray correlations'' (Dr. B.Botchev) and ''Emission of the gamma-quanta as a result of cluster formation'' (Prof. V.Sukharevsky).

The workshop had a warm and lively atmosphere. In the rest hours the participants visited the mountain hut and complex ''Malyovitza'', as well the beautiful lakes of the Malyovitza region of the Rila Mountains situated over 2000 m above sea-level.

The main organizers of the Workshop were Prof. I.Zh.Petkov, Prof. A.N.Antonov and Dr. M.V.Stoitsov (Sofia). It is supposed that the next Workshop on nuclear theory will be held in June 1994.

A.N.Antonov and M.V.Stoitsov,
Nuclear Theory Group,
Department of Theoretical Physics,
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

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