History for 1997

Sixteenth International Workshop on Nuclear Theory

Rila Mountains, Bulgaria
June 16-21, 1997

From 16-th to 21-st June, 1997, the 16-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory was held at the Scientific House of the Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridsky" in the Rila Mountains for about 30 participants.

The Workshop is organized every year by the Nuclear Theory Group of the Department of Theoretical Physics in the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Sofia. This year it was partly sponsored by the Bulgarian National Science Foundation, the Bulgarian Committee for Peaceful Use of the Atomic Energy and by the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (Contract No.D-209).

Lecturers and participants from Bulgaria, Greece, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, Russia and the U.S.A. took part in the Workshop. A wide range of topics in the field of nuclear physics has been treated in the lectures, contributions and discussions.

Prof. J. Dabrowski gave a lecture devoted to the strangeness in nuclei on the examples of \Lambda - and \Sigma-hypernuclei. The applicability of analytically solvable mean-field potential of Ginocchio to studies of stable and exotic nuclei was discussed by Prof. S. Pittel.

Various symmetries such as isospin and isospin-spin or SU(4) symmetry and their breaking were considered for nuclei with roughly equal numbers of neutrons and protons by Dr. P. Van Isacker. Spontaneous breakdown of isospin symmetry and isobaric analog states were discussed by I. Danchev. Ground gamma -band coupling in a collective scheme with a broken SU(3) symmetry was the subject of the contribution of N. Minkov. The development of methods based on the quantum algebras and their applicability to the problems of the nuclear structure were considered by Prof. P. Raychev, Dr. A. Georgieva and P. Terziev. Parafermions and generalized parafermions in physical systems were the subject of the lecture of Dr. D. Bonatsos.

Dr. M. Avrigeanu gave a lecture devoted to calculations of average quantities related to the nucleon-nucleon interaction along the projectile's trajectory and their use for description of (n,n') and (p,p') reactions at low energies. Prof. M. Sambataro considered the applicability of QRPA to analyses of beta and double beta decays. The effects of the alpha-clustering on the nuclear structure of fp-shell and heavy nuclei were considered in the lecture of Prof. S. Ohkubo. The results of the calculations of (p,3He) reaction cross-sections were presented by Dr. S. Dimitrova.

The problems of evaluations of one- and two-body density matrices and related quantities, such as nucleon and cluster momentum distributions, natural orbitals, geminals, spectroscopic factors etc. within the Jastrow correlation method were discussed by Prof. M. Stoitsov. In the lecture of Prof. A.N. Antonov the applicability of the overlap functions obtained in the basis of a correlated one-body density matrix to calculating of (p,d)-reaction cross-sections and single-particle momentum distributions was shown. Studies of elastic heavy ion scattering at intermediate energies in high-energy approximation method were reported by Prof. V.K. Lukyanov. Dr. V.P. Garistov gave a contribution considering calculations of heavy nuclei fission within the nuclear surface oscillation model. A review of highest energy cosmic rays studies was presented by Dr. H. Vankov. Some problems of the statistical thermodynamics were discussed by Dr. V. Dimitrov.

As in the previous years , during the rest hours the participants visited the attractive high-mountains places in the Malyovitza region of the Rila Mountains.

The next 17-th Workshop on Nuclear Theory is planned to be held in June 1998.

A.N.Antonov and M.V.Stoitsov,
Nuclear Theory Group,
Department of Theoretical Physics,
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

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