History for 1998

Seventeenth International Workshop on Nuclear Theory

Rila Mountains, Bulgaria
June 15-20, 1998

From 15-th to 20-th June, 1998, the 17-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory was held at the Scientific House of the Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridsky" in the Rila Mountains for about 30 participants.

The Workshop is organized every year by the Nuclear Theory Group of the Department of Theoretical Physics in the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Sofia. This year it was partly sponsored by the Bulgarian National Science Foundation, the Bulgarian Committee for Peaceful Use of the Atomic Energy, the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and by the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (Contract No.1693).

Lecturers and participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Russia and Yugoslavia took part in the Workshop. A wide range of topics in the field of nuclear physics has been treated in the lectures, contributions and discussions.

Prof. V.K. Lukyanov gave a lecture devoted to the charge density distributions in nuclei. The relations between the one-body density matrix and the set of single-particle overlap functions for interacting many-body systems were subject of the lecture of Dr. D. Van Neck. The study of superdeformation in light Gd nuclei with large gamma-detector arrays was discussed by Prof. R. Lieder. In the lecture of Dr. M. Gaidarov a systematic analysis of single-particle overlap functions obtained in various nuclear correlation methods and applied to calculate (p,d) reaction cross-sections was presented. New discrete basis for nuclear structure studies obtained by using the local-scale transformation method was shown by Prof. M. Stoitsov.

Dr. M. Avrigeanu gave a lecture devoted to full-folding calculations of the real part of the optical potentials for nucleon-nucleus scattering using realistic density- and energy-dependent effective NN-interaction such as DDM3Y, BDM3Y and HLM3Y based on the Reid and Paris potentials. Short-range correlations and two-body currents in two-nucleon (e,e'NN) and (gamma,NN) knock-out reactions were considered in the lectures of Dr. C. Giusti. The problems of the adiabatic approximation invalidity in halo nuclei together with a new explanation of neutron halo were discussed by Prof. G. Anagnostatos. Two-body properties of s-d closed shell nuclei were considered by Dr. S. Dimitrova on the basis of the Jastrow correlation method. In the lecture of Prof. A.N. Antonov relationships between two-particle overlap functions and the two-body density matrix for many-fermion systems were shown and discussed. A study of electron correlations in helium by the generator coordinate method in the natural orbitals representation was reported by I. Danchev. Dr. D. Vorcapi\'c gave a lecture devoted to the heavy ion induced fission at near-barrier energies.

Staggering effects in nuclei and molecules were considered in the lecture of Prof. D. Bonatsos. Ground-gamma band coupling and SU(3) contraction limit were the subject of the contribution of Dr. N. Minkov. Study of high-spin states in triaxial 190,191Au nuclei was presented by E. Gueorguieva. High-spin states in 190Pt were discussed by P. Boutachkov. As in the previous years , during the rest hours the participants visited the attractive high-mountains places in the Malyovitza region of the Rila Mountains.

The next 18-th Workshop on Nuclear Theory is planned to be held in June 1999.

A.N.Antonov and M.K.Gaidarov,
Nuclear Theory Group,
Department of Theoretical Physics,
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

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