History for 2000

Nineteenth International Workshop on Nuclear Theory

Rila Mountains, Bulgaria
June 12-17, 2000

From 12-th to 17-th June, 2000, the 19-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory was held at the Scientific House of the Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridsky" in the Rila Mountains for about 45 participants.

The Workshop is organized every year by the Nuclear Theory Group of the Department of Theoretical Physics in the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Sofia. This year it was partly sponsored by the Bulgarian Committee for Peaceful Use of the Atomic Energy, the Bulgarian Nuclear Society and by the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (Contract No.209).

Lecturers and participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Romania and USA took part in the Workshop. A wide range of topics in the field of nuclear physics has been treated in the lectures, contributions and discussions.

Prof. S. Pittel gave a lecture devoted to the density matrix renormalization group as a new approach to large scale nuclear structure calculations. The odd-even staggering effects in nuclear and molecular rotational spectra were subject of the lecture of Prof. D. Bonatsos. The study of proton emitting nuclei within the new non-adiabatic coupled-channel method was discussed by Dr. B. Barmore. In the lecture of Dr. M. Gaidarov description of nuclear structure and reaction characteristics within the generator coordinate method was presented. SU(3) symmetry breaking in the lower pf-shell nuclei was shown by Dr. V. Gueorguiev. E. Stefanova gave a lecture devoted to the influence of neutron core excitations on the high-spin states of 88Sr.

Several aspects of structural evolution in exotic nuclei including new ideas related to phase transitions and their empirical classification were considered in the lecture of Prof. R. Casten. The correlated density matrix theory and the Bose-Einstein transition in liquid helium were subject of the lecture of Prof. M. Ristig. Correlations and polarization observables in exclusive (e,e'nn) knock-out reactions were considered by Prof. C. Giusti. Statistical modeling of nuclear masses with neural nets was reported by Prof. E. Mavrommatis. In the lecture of Prof. M. Stoitsov deformed Skyrme Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations for drip-line nuclei were presented. Dr. V. Dimitrov gave a lecture devoted to the chiral rotation.

Semiclassical distorted wave model for nucleon-induced multistep direct reactions to the continuum was considered in the lecture of Prof. Y. Watanabe. Prof. M. Avrigeanu gave a lecture devoted to effective interactions for preequilibrium reactions and for description of nucleon and exotic 6,8He elastic scattering angular distributions. The dynamics of the fusion and the quasifission of heavy nuclei was discussed by Prof. W. Scheid. The unified description of magic numbers of metal clusters in terms of the 3-dimensional q-deformed harmonic oscillator was the subject of the lecture of Prof. P. Raychev. Rotations of nuclei with octupole deformations were considered in the contribution of Dr. N. Minkov. The analyzing powers of (p,^{3}He) reactions were considered by Dr. S. Dimitrova. Prof. A. Theophilou gave a lecture devoted to a Kohn-type density functional theory for nuclei. Relativistic effective interaction in nuclear matter was reported by Dr. E. Schiller.

In the lecture of Prof. A. Aprahamian the nature of excited Kpi=0+ bands in deformed nuclei was discussed. H. Laftchiev presented Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations for the ground-state rotational band of 254102No. Stable structures in atomic clusters were the subject of the lecture of Dr. A. Proykova.

As in the previous years, during the rest hours the participants visited the attractive high-mountains places in the Malyovitza region of the Rila Mountains and the famous Rila Monastery.

The next 20-th Workshop on Nuclear Theory is planned to be held in June 2001.

A.N.Antonov and M.K.Gaidarov,
Nuclear Theory Group,
Department of Theoretical Physics,
Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

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