QSCP-XX Proceedings

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published in Progress of Theoretical Chemistry and Physics (PTCP-Springer). It is a book series and some requirements differ from the traditional ones. Please find below instructions related to manuscript preparation:

  1. All (Word, LaTeX, etc.) files of the accepted manuscript will be converted to XML and re-formatted according to the Springer branded style. Accordingly, it is no longer necessary for you to spend valuable time putting the final touches to the manuscript.
  2. Yet, a list of key style points on manuscript structure, figure resolution, reference style etc., which – if considered during manuscript preparation – will help facilitate and speed up the publication process of the book. For easy reference please visit the Key Style Points on
  3. Please note that Progress in Theoretical Chemistry and Physics series follows Chemistry reference style.
  4. Further, please note that all illustrations will be available in full color in the eBook but in black and white in the printed book. If color is essential for individual figures in the printed version, please list the corresponding figures in a separate spreadsheet.
  5. Optimized keywords and abstracts help ensure that your work is found through any relevant online search. To facilitate online searching, using e.g. Google, please provide an abstract (and keywords) for your chapters. Abstracts will also appear online at with unrestricted access and enable unregistered users to read the abstract as a teaser for the complete chapter. For further reference visit the documentation on “Search Engine Optimization” on
  6. For more detailed information, please visit the Book Manuscript Guidelines on
  7. If excerpts from copyrighted works (including websites) such as illustrations, tables, animations, or text quotations are included in your manuscript, please obtain permission from the copyright holder (usually the original publisher) for both the print and online format. Refer to the RightsLink or use the Permission Request Form. Please distribute this information to all contributing authors.
  8. All authors of accepted manuscripts must grant to Springer specific permission to publish the work (“consent to publish”). This is a legal requirement that arises from provisions of copyright law. For this reason, we kindly ask that this should be done in a timely manner using this form. For contributions of multi-authored chapters, only one consent form the corresponding author is required. The signed form should be sent by surface mail to Prof. Alia Tadjer, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Sofia University. 1 James Bourchier Blvd., 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria. Additionally, please submit the scanned version of the CTPs along with the final version of your chapter.
  9. Please try to observe the deadline for manuscript submission of January 10, 2016 in order to provide the distribution of the book within the first half of 2016. If you have difficulty meeting this deadline, please get in touch with one of the co-editors.
  10. Last but not least feel free to visit the Book Author Academy and the Author Helpdesk if you want to get more valuable tips on preparing your manuscripts.