Proceedings of the 34-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory (IWNT-34), Rila Mountains 2015

Published in Nuclear Theory, Vol. 34 (2015), ISSN 1313-2822

Editors: M. Gaidarov and N. Minkov

Organization: Nuclear Theory Laboratory, INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria

Published by Heron Press Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria


PREFACE (by M. Gaidarov and N. Minkov)


POETRY (read by A. Antonov)




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p. 3 D.N. Poenaru, R.A. Gherghescu, W. Greiner: "Charged Anti-Cluster Decay Modes of Antimatter Nuclei"
p. 12 M.A. Zhusupov, E.T. Ibraeva, R.S. Kabatayeva: "Inelastic Scattering of Protons on 9Be Nucleus (Jπ = 3/2+,5/2-) in the Glauber Theory"
p. 25 R.A. Gherghescu, D.N. Poenaru: "Influence of Cranking Inertia on Binary Nuclear Processes"
p. 34 C. Giusti, A. Meucci, M.V. Ivanov, J.M. Udías: "Relativistic Green's Function Model and Optical Potential"
p. 45 A.N. Antonov, M.V. Ivanov, M.B. Barbaro, J.A. Caballero, G.D. Megias, R. González-Jiménez, C. Giusti, A. Meucci, E. Moya de Guerra, J.M. Udías: "Charge-Current and Neutral-Current Quasielastic Neutrino(Antineutrino) Scattering on 12C with Realistic Spectral and Scaling Functions"
p. 55 M.V. Ivanov, A.N. Antonov, M.B. Barbaro, J.A. Caballero, G.D. Megias, R. González-Jiménez, E. Moya de Guerra, J.M. Udías: "Charged-Current Inclusive Neutrino Cross Sections: Superscaling Extension to the Pion Production and Realistic Spectral Function for Quasielastic Region"
p. 62 M.K. Gaidarov, A.N. Antonov, D.N. Kadrev, P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra: "Temperature Dependence of the Symmetry Energy in Finite Nuclei"
p. 72 B.A. Prmantaeva, A. Ryskulov, G. Ryskulova, S.A. Nurkenov: "Production and Use of the Radiopharmaceuticals (18F-FDG and 18F-NaF) in Nuclear Medicine in Kazakhstan"
p. 83 N. Chamel, A. F. Fantina, L. M. Mihailov, Zh. K. Stoyanov, Y. D. Mutafchieva, D. Peña Arteaga, R. L. Pavlov, Ch. J. Velchev: "Electron Captures and Neutron Emissions in Magnetic White Dwarfs and Magnetars"
p. 93 I. Deloncle, F. Lechaftois, S. Péru: "Valence Space Techniques and QRPA Vibrational Mass Parameters"
p. 104 N. Minkov, P.M. Walker: "Deformations and Magnetic Moments in High-K Isomeric States of Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei"
p. 115 K.P. Drumev, A.I. Georgieva: "Pairing-Quadrupole Connections in the Algebraic Shell Model Applied to sd-Shell Nuclear Systems"
p. 126 N. Chamel, A.F. Fantina, J.L. Zdunik, P. Haensel: "Deep Crustal Heating in Accreted Neutron Star Crusts Using the Brussels-Montreal HFB-27* Nuclear Mass Model"