Proceedings of the 32-nd International Workshop on Nuclear Theory (IWNT-32), Rila Mountains 2013

Published in Nuclear Theory, Vol. 32 (2013), ISSN 1313-2822

Editors: A. Georgieva and N. Minkov

Organization: Nuclear Theory Laboratory, INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria

Published by Heron Press Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria


PREFACE (by A. Georgieva and N. Minkov)


POETRY (by A. Antonov, C. Giusti, P. Stevenson)


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p. 3 C. I. Pardi, P. D. Stevenson: "The Continuum Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Method"
p. 12 A. Krasznahorkay, M. Csatlós, L. Csige, T. K. Eriksen, F. Giacoppo, A. Görgen et al: "Neutron-Skin Thickness of 208Pb from the Study of the Anti-Analog Giant Dipole Resonance"
p. 22 N. Minkov, S. Drenska, M. Strecker: "A Model for Quasi Parity-Doublet Spectra with Strong Coriolis Mixing"
p. 37 M. Strecker, N. Minkov, H. Lenske: "Full Solution of Nuclear Quadrupole-Octupole Model for Odd-A Nuclei"
p. 45 S. Mishev: "The Cloud Computational Environment - a Blueprint for Applications in Nuclear Structure Physics"
p. 50 C. Giusti, A. Meucci: "The Relativistic Green's Function Model for Quasielastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering"
p. 61 G. D. Megias, J. E. Amaro, M. B. Barbaro, J. A. Caballero, T. W. Donnelly, R. González-Jiménez: "Relativistic Descriptions of Quasielastic Charged-Current Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering"
p. 72 M. K. Gaidarov, P. Sarriguren, A. N. Antonov, E. Moya de Guerra: "Nuclear Structure Evolution in Mg Isotopes between Proton and Neutron Drip Lines"
p. 82 M. V. Ivanov, A. N. Antonov, J. A. Caballero, M. B. Barbaro, E. Moya de Guerra, J. M. Udias: "Superscaling Analysis and Neutrino-Induced Charged-Current Pion Production at MiniBooNE Kinematics"
p. 91 K. V. Lukyanov, V. K. Lukyanov, E. V. Zemlyanaya, A. Y. Ellithi, I. A. M. Abdel-Magead: "Calculations of the Pion-Nucleus Inelastic Cross Sections Using the Microscopic Optical Potential"
p. 100 S. S. Dimitrova, D. Bianco, N. Lo Iudice, F. Andreozzi, A. Porrino: "Shell Model Calculations for Even Zirconium Isotopes"
p. 108 A. Góźdź, A. Dobrowolski, A. Pędrak, A. Szulerecka, A. Gusev, S. Vinitsky: "Structure of Bohr Type Nuclear Collective Spaces - a Few Symmetry Related Problems"
p. 123 R. Yarmukhamedov: "On the Modified Two- and Three-Body Approaches, the Asymptotic Normalization Coefficients and Their Astrophysical Application"
p. 133 X.-T. He, Z.-H. Zhang, J.-Y. Zeng, E.-G. Zhao, Z.-Z. Ren, W. Scheid, S.-G. Zhou: "Structures of Odd Mass Transfermium Nuclei by a Particle-Number Conserving Cranked Shell Model"
p. 141 H. G. Ganev: "Nuclear Shapes in the Interacting Vector Boson Model"
p. 151 K. P. Drumev, A. I. Georgieva: "Algebraic Realization of the Pairing-plus-Quadrupole Model"
p. 164 P. Detistov, D. L. Balabanski: "Simulations of the Mini-Orange β Spectrometer Transmission Curves in Different Magnets Configurations"
p. 170 E. Ibraeva, N. Burtebaev, M. Zhusupov: "Differential Cross Section of Elastic and Inelastic p15N Scattering"
p. 181 D. G. Roux, K. R. Henninger, R. A. Bark, S. Bvumbi, E. A. Gueorguieva-Lawrie, S. M. Mullins et al: "Octupole Correlations in 72Ge"
p. 187 S. Kisyov, D. Ivanova, S. Lalkovski, N. Mărginean, D. Balabanski, D. Bucurescu et al: "Structure of the Low-Lying Excited States in 99,101,103Ru From In-Beam Fast-Timing Measurements"