Proceedings of the 33-rd International Workshop on Nuclear Theory (IWNT-33), Rila Mountains 2014

Published in Nuclear Theory, Vol. 33 (2014), ISSN 1313-2822

Editors: A. Georgieva and N. Minkov

Organization: Nuclear Theory Laboratory, INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria

Published by Heron Press Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria


PREFACE (by A. Georgieva and N. Minkov)


In Memory of Prof. Dr. Sci. P. Raychev (by D. Bonatsos)

In Memory of Prof. Dr. Sci. Ts. Venkova (by A. Georgieva)

POETRY (read by A. Antonov, M. Avrigeanu, M. Petris, G. Popa)




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p. 3 A. Góźdź, A. Pędrak, A. Gusev, S. Vinitsky: "Multipole Transition Operators in Nuclear Collective Models within the GCM+GOA Approximation"
p. 13 L. Stuhl, A. Krasznahorkay, M. Csatlós, T. Adachi, H. Fujita, Y. Fujita et al: "Investigation of Low-Lying spin dipole response of 40,42,44,48Ca (3He,t) Charge-Exchange Reactions"
p. 24 P. D. Stevenson: "Nuclear Dynamics with the Sky3D Code"
p. 32 N. Minkov, S. Drenska, P. Yotov: "Coherent Quadrupole-Octupole States from a SUSY-QM Hamiltonian Hierarchy and Shape Invariance"
p. 45 M. J. Ermamatov, H. Yépez-Martínez, P. C. Srivastava: "Rotation-Vibration Excited States of Odd Ta Isotopes Built on g7/2 Orbital"
p. 53 X. Viñas, M. Baldo, G. F. Burgio, M. Centelles, L. M. Robledo, B. K. Sharma: "The Barcelona-Catania-Paris-Madrid Energy Density Functional and its Application to the EOS of Neutron Stars"
p. 65 C. Giusti, A. Meucci: "Recent Results of the Relativistic Green's Function Model in Quasielastic Neutrino and Antineutrino-Nucleus Scattering "
p. 75 M. Barbaro, C. Albertus, J. E. Amaro, A. N. Antonov, J. A. Caballero, T. W. Donnelly et al: "Testing Nuclear Models via Neutrino Scattering"
p. 87 A. A. Cowley: "Halo Structure of 11Li and its Effect on the (p,t) Reaction"
p. 95 M. K. Gaidarov, V. K. Lukyanov, D. N. Kadrev, E. V. Zemlyanaya, A. N. Antonov, K. V. Lukyanov, K. Spasova: "Microscopic Analysis of 10,11Be Elastic Scattering on Protons and Nuclei"
p. 106 S. S. Dimitrova, A. A. Cowley: "Proton-Induced Alpha-Particle Emission into the Continuum of Outgoing Energies"
p. 115 D. Štefánik, R. Dvornický, F. Šimkovic: "Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with Emission of s and p Electrons"
p. 122 E. Tomasi-Gustafsson, S. Pacetti, R. Baldini-Ferroli: "Proton Form Factors in Space-like and Time-Like Regions"
p. 132 M. Avrigeanu, V. Avrigeanu, V. Cătănescu: "Reaction Mechanisms Involved in the Deuteron Interaction with Nuclei"
p. 142 E. Voutier: "Physics Potential of Polarized Positrons at the Jefferson Laboratory"
p. 152 M. Petriş, M. Petrovici, V. Cătănescu: "Development of a Two Dimensional Position Sensitive Transition Radiation Detector for High Counting Rate Experiments"
p. 162 K. P. Drumev, A. I. Georgieva: "Complementarity and Competitiveness of the Pairing and Quadrupole Interactions in the Microscopic Shell Model"
p. 172 R. Avetisyan, R. Avagyan, G. Bazoyan, M. Hakobyan, V. Ivanyan, I. Kerobyan: "Neutron-Induced Reaction Investigations in the Neutron Energy Range up to 16 MeV"
p. 179 R. Chatterjee, Shubhchintak: "On the Coulomb Breakup of Exotic Nuclei"
p. 187 G. Popa, F. Baker: "Systematics of Nuclear Level Densities"
p. 193 B. Obreshkov: "Attosecond Streaking of Photoelectrons Emitted from Metal Surfaces"
p. 205 T. D. Palev: "Do New Quantum Statistics Exist in Nature?"
p. 215 T. Apostolova, P. Detistov, M. V. Ivanov, Y. Orieult, J. M. Perlado, A. Rivera: "Simulation of Ultra-Intense Laser Irradiation Induced High Electronic Excitation of Bandgap Materials"