Proceedings of the 36-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory (IWNT-36),
Rila Mountains, 2017

Published in Nuclear Theory, Vol. 36 (2017), ISSN 1313-2822

Editors: M. Gaidarov and N. Minkov

Organization: Nuclear Theory Laboratory, INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria

Published by Heron Press Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria


PREFACE (by M. Gaidarov and N. Minkov)




POETRY (read by A. Antonov)


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p. 3 Andrea Vitturi: "Interplay of Break-Up and Transfer Processes in Reactions Involving Weakly-Bound Systems: A Simple One-Dimensional Model"
p. 11 A.A. Cowley: "Predicted Clustering on the Surface of Sn Isotopes Explored in Nuclear Reactions"
p. 21 M.A. Naumenko, V.V. Samarin: "Near-Barrier Nucleon Transfer in Reactions 3,6He + 45Sc, 197Au, 64Zn"
p. 31 B. Erol1, A.H. Yilmaz: "Coupled-Channels Analyses on 40Ar + 176,178,180Hf Heavy-Ion Fusion Reactions"
p. 39 R. Pavlov, L. Mihailov, J. Maruani, J.L. Perez Diaz, O. Ivanov: "Ideas for Explaination of an Electrical Signal Generation at Interaction between Electromagnetic Field and Matter"
p. 45 J. Karwowski: "Several Remarks on Exact Solutions of One-Particle Equations"
p. 55 R. Machleidt: "Historical Perspective and Future Prospects for Nuclear Forces"
p. 65 H. Nakada, Y. Suzuki, S. Miyahara: "Tensor-Force Effects on Nuclear Quadrupole Deformation and N = 20 and 28 Magic Numbers"
p. 75 A. Babic, D. Stefanik, M.I. Krivoruchenko, F. Simkovic: "Neutrinoless and Two-Neutrino Double-Beta Decay with Emission of Single Free Electron"
p. 84 F. Sammarruca: "Chiral Effective Field Theory in Nucleonic Matter"
p. 95 A.N. Antonov, D.N. Kadrev, M.K. Gaidarov, P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra: "Temperature Dependence of the Symmetry Energy and Neutron Skins in Ni, Sn, and Pb Isotopic Chains"
p. 106 Y. El Bassem, M. Oulne: "Investigation of Ground-State Properties of Even-Even and Odd Pb Isotopes within Hartree.Fock.Bogoliubov Theory"
p. 116 M.K. Gaidarov, V.K. Lukyanov, D.N. Kadrev, E.V.Zemlyanaya, K.V.Lukyanov, A.N.Antonov, K.Spasova: "Proton-Halo Nature of the 8B Nucleus Through Studies of Elastic Scattering and Breakup Reactions"
p. 126 J. Kiener: "Shape and Angular Distribution of the 4.438-MeV Line from Proton Inelastic Scattering off 12C"
p. 136 S.S.Dimitrova, A.A. Cowley, E.V. Zemlyanaya, K.V. Lukyanov: "Proton-Induced α-Particle Emission on 90Zr at 72 MeV Incident Energy"
p. 141 M.V. Ivanov, A.N. Antonov, G.D. Megias, R. Gonzalez-Jimenez, M.B. Barbaro, J.A. Caballero, T.W. Donnelly, J.M. Udias: "Nuclear Effects in (Anti)Neutrino Charge-Current Quasielastic Scattering at MINERvA Kinematics"
p. 151 K. Shegunov : "Energy Density Functional Gradient Optimization for the Description of Ground States in Deformed Nuclei"
p. 156 B. Nerlo-Pomorska, K. Pomorski, J. Bartel, C. Schmitt: "On Possible Shape Isomers in Pre-Actinide Nuclei"
p. 170 K. Pomorski, B. Nerlo-Pomorska, M. Warda, A. Zdeb, J. Bartel, C. Schmitt: "On Decays of Atomic Nuclei by Emission of Clusters, Light Particles and Fission"
p. 186 P. Buganu, M. Chabab, A. El Batoul, A. Lahbas, M. Oulne: "Davydov-Chaban Hamiltonian within the Formalism of Deformation-Dependent Effective Mass for Davidson Potential"
p. 195 K. Neergard : "Pairing Theory of the Wigner Cusp"
p. 205 N. Minkov, A. Palffy: "Model Mechanism for Radiative Decay of the 7.8 eV Isomer in 229Th"
p. 215 M. Chabab, A. El Batoul, A. Lahbas, M. Oulne: "Collective Motion in Triaxial Nuclei within Minimal Length Concept"
p. 223 V.G. Gueorguiev: "Beyond the 2-Body Interaction Paradigm: The Case for Extended A-Body Paring Interaction in Nuclei"
p. 233 V.V. Samarin: "Study of Few-Body and Cluster Nuclei by Feynman.s Continual Integrals and Hyperspherical Functions"
p. 244 Yu. A. Lashko, G. F. Filippov, V. S. Vasilevsky: "Democratic and Nondemocratic Motion of Three Clusters with the Hyperspherical Harmonics"
p. 254 S. Lalkovski: "On the Nature of the Intruder Bands in the Neutron-Rich Silver Nuclei"
p. 261 K.P. Drumev, A.I. Georgieva, J. Cseh: "Phases in an Algebraic Shell Model of Atomic Nuclei"
p. 270 S.Cht. Mavrodiev, M.A. Deliyergiyev: "Decay Half-Life of Nuclei-Proton, Alpha, Cluster Decays and Spontaneous Fissions"