Proceedings of the 37-th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory (IWNT-37),
Rila Mountains, 2018

Published in Nuclear Theory, Vol. 37 (2018), ISSN 1313-2822

Editors: M. Gaidarov and N. Minkov

Organization: Nuclear Theory Laboratory, INRNE, BAS, Bulgaria

Published by Heron Press Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria


PREFACE (by M. Gaidarov and N. Minkov)




POETRY (read by A. Antonov)


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p. 3 J. Terasaki: "Consistency Examinations of Calculations of Nuclear Matrix Elements of Double-β Decay by QRPA"
p. 13 Andrea Vitturi: "Two-Particle Transfer Reactions: A Key Tool for the Study of Phase Transitions in Nuclei"
p. 22 V.V. Samarin: "Time-Dependent Analysis of Multinucleon Transfer Reactions with Heavy Nuclei"
p. 33 N. Minkov, A. Pálffy: "Electromagnetic Properties of the 229mTh Isomer"
p. 41 Andriana Martinou, Dennis Bonatsos, N. Minkov, I.E. Assimakis, S. Sarantopoulou, S. Peroulis: "Highest Weight SU(3) Irreducible Representations for Nuclei with Shape Coexistence"
p. 52 Stefan Lalkovski: "j - 1 Anomaly Across the Shells"
p. 62 R. Machleidt: "What Is Wrong with Our Current Nuclear Forces?"
p. 68 X. Viñas, C. Gonzalez-Boquera, M. Centelles, L.M. Robledo, C. Mondal: "Gogny Forces in the Astrophysical Context"
p. 79 A.N. Antonov, D.N. Kadrev, M.K. Gaidarov, P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra: "Temperature Dependence of the Volume and Surface Contributions to the Nuclear Symmetry Energy within the Coherent Density Fluctuation Model"
p. 89 M.R. Oudih, M. Ouhachi, M. Fellah, N.H. Allal: "Tensor Force Effect on the Structure Evolution in Si Isotopes"
p. 98 A. Galoyan, A. Ribon, V. Uzhinsky: "Production of Strange Particles in Hadronic Interactions"
p. 109 M.V. Ivanov, A.N. Antonov, G.D. Megias, J.A. Caballero, M.B. Barbaro, J.E. Amaro, I. Ruiz Simo, T.W. Donnelly, J.M. Udias: "Charged-Current Quasielastic (Anti)Neutrino Cross Sections on 12C with Realistic Spectral Functions Including Meson-Exchange Contributions"
p. 120 Y. Benbouzid, N.H. Allal, M. Fellah, M.R. Oudih: "T = 1 Pairing and Number-Projection Effects on the Spectroscopic Factor of One-Proton Stripping Reactions Within the Picket-Fence Model"
p. 126 Dennis Bonatsos, I.E. Assimakis, Andriana Martinou, S. Peroulis, S. Sarantopoulou, N. Minkov: "Why do Nilsson Quantum Numbers Remain Good at Moderate Deformations?"
p. 137 F. Sammarruca, Randy Millerson: "From Nuclei to Neutron Stars with a Consistent Approach"
p. 146 J. Rożynek: "Nucleon Properties & Nuclear Equation of State"
p. 155 N. Buyukcizmeci, A.S. Botvina, R. Ogul: "Investigation of Binding Energies of Lambda Hypernuclei"
p. 161 E.V. Zemlyanaya, V.K. Lukyanov, K.V. Lukyanov, D.N. Kadrev, M.K. Gaidarov, A.N. Antonov, K. Spasova: "Microscopic Optical Potential Model for Analysis of the 12,14Be + 12C Experimental Data"
p. 169 S. Ait Elkorchi, M. Chabab, A. El Batoul, A. Lahbas, M. Oulne: "γ-Triaxial Nuclei in the Presence of a Minimal Length via a Quantum Perturbation Method"
p. 178 M Chabab, A El Batoul, M. Hamzavi, A Lahbas, I. Moumene, M. Olune: "Comparison Between Coulomb and Hulthèn Potentials Within Bohr Hamiltonian for γ-Rigid Nuclei in the Presence of Minimal Length"
p. 186 V.V. Samarin, M.A. Naumenko: "Study of Dynamics of External Neutrons in Reactions 7,9,11Li + 28Si"
p. 196 G.M. Filippov: "Effect of Polarization Phenomena on Interaction of Projectile with a Solid Target - I"
p. 204 M. Bouhelal, N. Azzeddine, N. Chorfi, F. Haas: "Level Structure of 30S of Astrophysical Importance in the rp Reaction 29P(p,γ)30S"
p. 211 Christo V. Christov: "What Could Be Learned About Phase Transitions, Meson and Nucleon Structure in Hot Medium from a Chiral Quark-Meson Theory?"
p. 226 V. Semkova, R. Nolte, S. Peneva, T. Troev: "Neutron-Induced Activation Cross Sections Measurements on Molybdenum Isotopes in the 7-15 MeV Energy Range"